I am currently working on a body of work around loss, grief and healing.

Using living gesture, personal encounters, ways of doing and modes of being as ‘performance’.

Migrating from private event or micro happening to connecting to a wider audience though a suggested joint understanding of the particulars of personal life. Encapsulating risk, pathos and humour. The artist not separate from the works itself, but both observer and observed.

Creating conceptual works which do not reject the notion of the object, but offer something beyond its tangible materiality, or representation to engage with the personal shared experience of the artist/audience. Inextricably linking visual form and mental/emotional state.

The work I am creating is derived through responding to my situation expressing something of the artist as observer and mediator, implicating the audience and transcending these specific references to address a condition or contemporary circumstance.

I am particularly interested in how the work relates to an audience through investigating the nature of the encounter, of accumulated experience, knowledge and interface with society. Creating various relationships to an audience through documentations of actions, interventions, dialogical provocations, observations and performative workings.