Baby Bear

baby bear

Materials: Photographic series (one strip of photographic paper, unmounted)
Size: (H) 4.5″ x (W) 138.73 ”
Position: Wall based
Date: 2001

Neva Elliott is an artist who has engaged with the theme of obsession, most often in a way informed by psychoanalytical theory. However her work is not illustrative of pre- formed theoretical positions but rather explorative and playful. This earlier theme of obsession has now evolved into a series of works concerned with broader aspects of anxiety and the threat of loss, failure or neglect.

The aspect of humour is finely honed in the documentary of neglect and abuse visited upon a no-longer loved teddy bear. These photographs show the playful and multi-dimensional nature of this artist’s practice. They demonstrate the ease with which see can alternated between media and yet retain a sense of the coherence of her theme and the specificity of the given medium.

Mick Wilson

Artist, Curator and Lecturer

In the sequence of photographs that make up Baby Bear, a discarded teddy bear takes its chances with the traffic and passers by on a busy road. The images tactfully but forcefully convey a sense of the everyday callousness of life.

While collectively they make up a powerful picture of abandonment, this is all the more effective for being delivered with a deceptively light touch.

Aidan Dunne

Visual Arts Journalist, The Irish Times