Self®Amendment, Self® Amendment

baby bear

Self ® Assessment and Self ® Amendment are pharmaceutical type kits. The kits and the experience of purchasing them offer a critique of quick-fix therapy culture, capacity for self-obsession and the conviction that our foibles can be cured instantaneously.


Multiples of the kits are sold from an adapted vending machine, (there are 200 different versions of the badge included in Self® Assessment, the words correspond to those in the tick here section of the Self® Amendment insert.) Self® Assessment / Self®Amendment is interactive; allowing the audience to instantaneously purchase a piece of art and bring it home with them. This work lives on in bathroom cabinets, bedside lockers, library shelves and jacket lapels all very the country and internationally.

Materials: Mixed media, vending machine
Position: The vending machine is wall based
Size: (H) 7cm x (W) 5 cm x (D) 1.6 cm / (H) 12.75cm x (W) 4.75 cm x (D) 1.8 cm
Vending machine: (H) 36″ x (W) 12″ x (D) 6.5″
Date: 2001