About The Artist Neva Elliott

Photo credit: Ros Kavanagh


Neva Elliott is a contemporary artist based in Dublin with an MA from Central Saint Martin’s, London. She has exhibited in Ireland and internationally, including at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, National Gallery of Ireland, and The South African National Gallery. She has curated, spoken, and written on art practice.  After ten years as CEO of Crash Ensemble, Ireland’s leading contemporary music group, Elliott returned to her art practice in 2021.

Her solo exhibition, How to create a fallstreak, ran at the Linenhall Arts Centre from January to March 2023. Currently, her work can be seen in the Horizon Magazine and Visual Artists Newsheet and several shows – the 193rd RHA Annual Exhibition as an invited artist, ARTWORKS 2023 Remembering The Future at VISUAL Carlow, where she won an award for ‘outstanding work’ and the National College of Art and Design as part of CEADWORKS.

She is an Irish Hospice Foundation signature artist.

Current and Upcoming


Writing and publications

  • Aug: Catalogue essay, Niamh McGuinne, Highlanes Gallery.
  • May/June Visual Artists Newssheet. Column – Saying Hard Things.
  • Issue 6/ May. Horizon Magazine.


  • Aug: Artist interview, Niamh McGuinne at Highlanes Gallery.


  • ARTWORKS Award for Outstanding work, Visual Carlow.


Solo exhibitions

  • 2023: How to create a fallstreak, The Linenhall Arts Centre.


  • 2022: The permanence of change, 126 Gallery.
  • 2022: Rua Red, café exhibition.


  • 2022: Crashed,Spoken word performance with Crash Ensemble at the National Concert Hall.


  • 2023: Bursary, Carlow County Council.
  • 2022: Irish Hospice Foundation signature Artist.
  • 2021: Irish Hospice Foundation Seeds Award.
  • 2021: Arts Council Agility Award.


  • 2022: Creative narrative for spoken word commissioned by Crash Ensemble with Arts Council support.
  • 2020: The Dock Arts Centre Winter Commission.

Writing and publications

  • 2022: Catalogue essay, The Midden Collective, the Luan Gallery
  • March/April 2023, Visual Artists Ireland newssheet. Column -How to Create a Fallstreak. Neva Elliott discusses her recent solo exhibition at Linenhall Arts Centre.


  • 2023: Irish Hospice Foundation, Creative Engagement Roundtable Gathering.
  • 2022: How to Apply for funding, Quiet Lights Festival, Cork.
  • 2022: Artist talk with The Midden Collective, Luan Gallery.
  • 2022: How to Apply for funding, Luan Gallery.

Full CV available on request from info@nevaelliott.com