How to create a fallstreak at Linenhall Arts Centre 21 Jan – 28 Feb 2023

How to create a fallstreak
Neva Elliott

Linenhall Arts Centre
Co. Mayo  F23 AN24

Exhibition Launch | Saturday 21 January | 2:00pm


How to create a fallstreak is a body of work around grief and healing
by Irish artist Neva Elliott. The work centres on the artist’s loss of her
husband, Colin, to cancer.

While focused on her own experience, the work attempts to expand
the autobiographical, going beyond memoir to communicate shared
human experiences that still hold some taboo – death, bereavement,
and mental health.

How to create a fallstreak comes in the aftermath, using coping
mechanisms and transparent vulnerability as the basis of making
work. In a lyrical conceptualism that blurs art and life, Elliott links
visual form with emotional occurrence across photography, text,
object, video, sound, and performative gesture. Through this work,
she exposes her attempt to create a proverbial gap in the clouds by
re-engaging with life and dealing with her loss.

“I use my practice to traverse the world, my relationships and the
difficulties of being human. For me, it is a means to work through grief,
somewhere to place love for those who have gone, a way back to
myself. It is a survival strategy baked into the act of making; an offering
to my anguish and anxiety, a petition to ease it, a prayer in reverse.”
– Neva Elliott

Neva Elliott is a contemporary artist based in Dublin with an MA from Central Saint Martin’s, London. She has exhibited in Ireland and
internationally, including at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow, National Gallery of
Ireland and The South African National Gallery. She has curated, spoken and written on art practice. After ten years as CEO of Crash
Ensemble, Ireland’s leading contemporary music group, Elliott returned to her art practice in 2021. In 2022 she was made an Irish Hospice
Foundation signature artist.

With thanks to the Arts Council and Carlow County Council for funding support.