I made something of the spaces you left

Of the Pieces You Left


I made something of the spaces you left.

Year: 2021-22

About: ‘I made something of the spaces you left’ documents in black and white polaroid, the empty spaces left by my then partner removed their belongings from my home; a divested wardrobe, clear shelves, walls bare of paintings. The second image is these collated photographs. The first is of an object I created from the physical polaroid photographs; a sculptural ‘I made something….’ This piece takes loss and absence and turns them into the inverse – something that physically exists in the world.

Description: Two archival pigment prints on Hahnemühle fine art fibre-based lustre paper (FineArt Pearl 285gsm), framed. Sizes: 10.25 x6.83cm and 34.4cmx21.6cm (unframed)