Unrealised projects Vol. 4

Guest curated by Josh Love in collaboration with Sam Ely and Lynn Harris.
B-Sides and Rarities, Lokaal 01 in Breda, Netherlands
September 20- December 12 2009

‘The theme for Volume 4 centres on an exchange of moral rights, production roles, obligation, and the notion of realising unrealised works. Over the next few months and through a discursive production program, each work is to be readdressed as ‘realisable’ for the limited duration of an exhibition that will occur later in the year. With a discursive, practical and legal approach to the interpretation of your project’s ideas, we aim to focus on the artist’s intellectual property rights and producer’s moral rights when developing projects collaboratively. Traceable similarities between unrealised works will become apparent within the production of Volume 4 projects, and be made visible in the exhibition of them. The framing of volumes on Unrealised Projects as separate entities is to be shifted in an exhibition platform that relates unrealised projects both spatially and in productional development. This project seeks to license the copyright for the production of each artist’s work to be represented spatially. Unrealised Projects and Josh Love will hold equal share in the licensed copy of production for this period of time and in turn offer the labour, funding and platform for the work to be shown.’