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Publications and reviews (selected)

 Publications and catalogues

2011 Creative Ireland: The Visual Arts by Noel Kelly, Noel Kelly, Seán Kissane and Seán Kissane 

2010 booksmart, Okay Mountain. Andy Campbell. Artlies, Issue 65.

2009 VISUAL, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art, 2009

Fresh re-imagining the collection, Catalogue, Pub. Limerick City Gallery of Art
EV+A 2006 give(a)way, Catalogue, EV+A 2006, Pub. Gandon Editions

Visualise 2004-1005, Catalogue Pub. Carlow County Council

Eurojet Futures an Anthology of Emerging Art from Ireland, Catalogue Patrick Murphy, 2005, Pub. Royal Hibernian Academy 

6×6 For Ireland Showcase 2005, catalogue, 441 Galleries, China
MA Fine Art Degree Show 2005, Catalogue, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

 2003 Eurojet Futures, Catalogue, Patrick Murphy, 2003, Pub. Royal Hibernian Academy 


Scóip Oxygen X, 2002, Publication on fantasy public art Shift, Pub. The Dublin Fringe Festival

EV+A 2002 Heroes and Holies, Catalogue, EV+A 2002, Pub. Gandon Editions

Victor Treacy Award 2001, Mick Wilson, Pub.The Butler Gallery 


2008 An emphatic end of an era for Éigse, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, June 11, 2008


Birds at Sligo Art Gallery, Marianne O’Kane, CIRCA 111, Spring 2005, p.102
‘Flagged’ puts art on the map, Carlow People, Thursday March 31 2005 Exhibit flies flag for visual artists, Carlow People, Thursday March 17 2005


The me generation, Cristín Leach, The Sunday Times – Culture,10th August 2003 Interesting things on the artistic horizon, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, 26th July 2003

Painting pictures of sadness and loss, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times,  14th May 2003


Shift, Aidan Dunne, The Ticket, The Irish Times, 26th Sept 2002
Shift, Catalogue, ESB Dublin Fringe Festival 2002
Flowering of art in the Botanic Gardens, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, 11th Sept 2002

Rattlebag, RTE Radio 1, 18th March 2002

A rewarding obsessive attention to artistic detail, Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, Jan 2, 2020.

Victor Treacy Award 2001, Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle, until January 6th (056-61106)

It so happens that part of Neva Elliott’s contribution to the Victor Treacy Award 2001 exhibition is seasonally appropriate. She has made a fully functioning vending machine that, when you insert your money, dispenses either of two kinds of medicinal-looking boxes. One is labelled Self Assessment, the other Self Amendment. You open the box and . . . well, suffice it to say that the contents more than live up to the flawless standard of the presentation and packaging.

One of the several strengths of Elliott’s work is her attention to detail. She never leaves a concept to fend for itself but follows it through to, dare one say, an almost obsessive degree. While there is an obvious and effective satirical edge to her vending-machine piece, it is also an incisive critique of our capacity for self-obsession, and the conviction that our neurotic insecurities can be ameliorated by a quick-fix pharmaceutical culture.

In All Apologies, the floor of the gallery is littered with handkerchiefs embroidered with tearful, typical phrases of apology. These ultimately amount to a distinctly masochistic wallow in guilt. In the sequence of photographs that make up Baby Bear, a discarded teddy bear takes its chances with the traffic and passers-by on a busy road. The images tactfully but forcefully convey a sense of the everyday callousness of life.

While collectively they make up a powerful picture of abandonment, this is all the more effective for being delivered with a deceptively light touch. Judging by the catalogue entries, Elliott could well be the youngest and least experienced artist in the shortlist of four. She didn’t win, but given that the Victor Treacy Award is aimed at an emerging artist, on the basis of the focus, resourcefulness and energy of her work I would have given her the award.


Exposure, IQ, No.1, Summer 2001, Reviews, Ian Wieczorek, Circa, Vol9 1999 Dublin degree shows, Nicolas Allen, Source, No 20, Autumn The Irish Times, September 1999

1998 Intriguing exhibition by young artists at Droichead Arts Centre, The Drogheda Independent, August

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